Thank You Stamp #2


2x1 Inches2x1 Inches
2.5x1.25 Inches2.5x1.25 Inches
3x1.5 Inches3x1.5 Inches
Self-Inking 2x1Self-Inking 2x1
Self-Inking 2.5x1.25Self-Inking 2.5x1.25
Self-Inking 3x1.5Self-Inking 3x1.5

Get a custom stamp for yourself, to use on your wedding favors, thank you cards, or give as a gift to newlyweds! This is a personalized, rubber stamp with a wood mounted handle. Makes creating custom favors fun and easy!

♥︎ The small size (2" x 1") stamp fits well on a smaller tag.

♥︎ The medium size (2.5" x 1.25") stamp fits best on a larger tags, and smaller seed packets.

♥︎ The large size (3"x1.5") stamp fits well on a seed packet or muslin bags.

The size of the stamp, is approximately the size of the impression. If you need help with sizing, or need a custom size, please message us.

• These stamps are all laser-etched at 1000dpi
• We use a natural, eco-friendly 100% renewable-resource red rubber
• All wood stamps are mounted on a hard, natural maple that is laser-etched
• All wood stamps are adhered to block via an industrial strength, double-sided adhesive mounting foam that is custom and laser-cut to the exact shape/outline of each design to ensure best, most robust impression possible
• All self-inking stamp cases (exteriors) are made from up to 65% post-consumer recycled plastic (in addition to the eco-friendly customized rubber component)
• Self-inking stamps last for 1000-2000 impressions (then it can be re-inked)
• All stamps are custom made
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Additional Information

2x1 inches, 2.5x1.25 inches, 3x1.5 inches, Self-inking 2x1, Self-inking 2.5x1.25, Self-inking 3x1.5